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2014-09-23Five Daimler senior executives visited DLAT.
2014-09-15Mr. Burton, Mr. Barrow and Mr. Osborne of Covpress (JLR’s British partner) visited DLAT.
2014-09-11CJLR leaders, Mr. Gurvinder Bisla and Mr.John Jollie visited DLAT.
2014-09-03Nearly 200 Dalian Jiaotong University students visited DLAT.
2014-07-28Senior management of BMW TP26 visited DLAT. DLAT introduced all of the current key projects, as well as the capacity status of this year. Further discuss about the present BMW project in DLAT, and also the potential opportunity of the coming projects of BMW.
2014-07-16Project leader, purchasing manager and the technical experts of CJLR visited DLAT, mainly discussed about the CJLR project which still in bidding.
2014-07Awarded with EXCELLENT SUPPLIER in 2013 by BBAC
2014-06-30Senior management of BMW purchasing department visited DLAT. DLAT introduced all of the current key projects, as well as the capacity status of this year. Further discuss about the present BMW project in DLAT.
2014-06Awarded with:1. Demonstration Enterprise of Dalian Industrialization and Information Deep Merge 2. Dalian Industrial Software Demonstration Project 3. Dalian Engineering Technology Research Center in 2013
2014-06Undertook project of Changan Suzuki YFE&YRB UBMB Production line.
2014-05Undertook project of SY-BBA LU Production line for Door.
2014-04Mr. Hubert Reinkunz, Daimler senior manager, visited Dalian Auto accompanied by Mr. Chyron Heidt, BBAC MRA I project manager and Mr. Jens Breitbarth, BBAC MRA II project manager.
2014-04Undertook project of FAW-VW AUDI T88 UB II line.
2014-01Undertook project of SVW CPC New Lavida FL DS &Touran NF UBII line.
2013-12Undertook project of SVW SUPERB NF.
2013-12Undertook project of SVW PQ SHOP 25JPH.
2013-12Car BIW On-line Laser Testing System was funded with RMB 500,000 by Design Industry Special Fund of Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone.
2013-11DLAT undertook SVW FABIA framing line project.
2013-11Dalian Auto new factory in Longtou was formally completed and company relocation.
2013-11President Chen Li inspected Dalian Auto Japanese Subsidiaries and its inauguration ceremony.
2013-10Dalian Auto was awarded with the First Prize of Enterprise Management Progress Achievement by Dalian Municipal Government.
2013-10Mr. Thorsten of System Engineering Dept. was awarded with Liaoning Friendship Award by Liaoning Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs.
2013-06Undertook project of MRAⅡof BBAC.
2013-06Undertook project of A-Plus of SVW CP6 plant.
2013-05Germany Thuringia Enterprise Delegation visited Dalian Auto.
2013-03Dalian Auto Technical Center was awarded with Worker Pioneer by All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU).
2013-02Visit of FLT GmbH.
2013-02Undertook project of Changan Suzuki Main Body Line.
2013-01Undertook project of SVW Xinjiang Urumqi Plant VW253 Main Body Line.
2013-01Undertook project of FVW B8(500), Q5(500) Capacity Promotion.
2013-01Dalian Auto Annual Meeting of 2013 was hold, Acting General Manager Mr. Chen Yinan made an important speech.
2012-04Undertook project of Beijing Daimler V205 UB line.
2012-04General Manager Mr. Chen discussed with BMW TP-2.
2012-02EAMS was authorized by Dalian Auto as general agent in India for Hanging and Moving Pulley System.
2012-02CE certificate was issued to Hanging and Moving Pulley System by TUV SUD.
2012-01General Manager Mr. Chen had a meeting with guests from Fuji, Japan.
2012-01Undertook project of FAW-VW Foshan F11/W66/W77.
2012-01Dalian Auto Annual Meeting of 2012 was hold.
2011-11Visit of SVW Senior Planning Manager.
2011-11Visit of BMW Supplier Evaluation Delegation.
2011-10Undertook project of SVW New Lavida UB.
2011-07Undertook project of BBA F34, F36.
2011-07Undertook project of SGM E18.
2011-05Undertook project of SVW-NF UB.
2011-05Undertook project of FAW-VW X77 UB.
2011-03Undertook project of FAW-VW Jetta A2 NF UB2 in Chengdu.
2010-11Undertook project of SVW New Lavida Body Side.
2010-08Visit of BMW.
2010-06Undertook project of FAW-VW B7L.
2010-06Undertook project of FAW-VW Golf A6.
2010-062010 Automatica Fair in Munich Germany.

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Dalian Auto in future will implement core business of high end diversification by continuous virtuous innovation.

Dalian Auto in future will build perfect career planning platform for employees with humanized system.

Dalian Auto in future will lead new development of the industry and create a new pattern of international market with specific core competences.