Manufacturing Capacity

>High quality guaranteed by 31 CNC machine centers and equipments, advanced process and treatment technology. ERP management system applied in production and work piece tracking for real-time confirmation of production schedule and capacity.Monthly capacity of 88,000 hours with long-term and stable suppliers.

Production Equipments Parameter Type Quantity
DMG CNC Horizontal Machining Center X800Y800Z800 DMC80H 1
DMG CNC Lath & Milling Machining Center 9000mm×3500mm CTXgawa2000TC 1
Horizontal Machining Center X2000Y1200Z1200 HB800/630A 2
Vertical Machining Center X1600Y900Z680 MV55~1690A 6
Gantry Machining Center X8000Y3000Z1000 LG8030~5025 3
CNC Flame Cutting Machine 0--6000mm/min HG4001/MG3501 3
Others >60

We  Will

Dalian Auto in future will implement core business of high end diversification by continuous virtuous innovation.

Dalian Auto in future will build perfect career planning platform for employees with humanized system.

Dalian Auto in future will lead new development of the industry and create a new pattern of international market with specific core competences.